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The Proper Way To Use Ehrlich Testing Kit

How do you know it is an LSD or related indole drugs? A drug testing kit will help you find that out. An ehrlich testing kit is what you need to test LSD contents on liquid. To determine if the drink you are holding has LSD and related drugs, get a blotter paper and place it on a ceramic plate. Put a drop of the potential LSD on it. Then get then bottle for testing and hold it an inch. Put a drop from the bottle on the sample. When it turns purple, you are positive that it is LSD. If not, it is probably 25i-NBOMe which is another highly toxic drug that can result in hallucinations. However, the testing kit may only be used to test LSD and not determine the purity or quality of the LSD content.

What Is It Made Of?

The ehrlich testing kit is made of hydrochloric acid solution that can easily burn skin and clothing. Hence, keep the kit away from your skin when using. It is highly recommended to wear protective gear when testing potential LSD. You should also protect your eyes and mouth when using the kit. Wear goggles and face mask during the testing process. The hydrochloric acid may hurt your visions and cause your mouth to get dry. Wear gloves particularly when opening the bottle and put it away after use. Store it in cool and dry place and keep out of reach of children. When disposing the contents of the bottle, make sure you wash the sink well with baking soda. In case the test bottle contents get you, wash it with soap and water right away. More information on ehrlich testing kit on

Additional info about the testing kit

Aside from hydrochloric acid, it is also made of ethanol and p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde. The contents may be used to up to 50 testing. When testing, just remember that when it gets purple then it is LSD and other indoles.