The usage of internet has increased drastically among the people. An average person spends more than 8 hours on his media device that includes, laptop, smartphone etc. However, all that time spent on internet kills the productivity and creativity neuem of a person.

Whether you work at office, or spend your most of the time at home, the temptation to open internet browser and check your emails, facebook likes, instagram followers or play the game is irresistible. Here are 6 Online activities that You Must Stop to increase your productivity.

1. Checking Email Inbox Repeatedly


Checking email very frequently is a very bad habit everyone suffers from. This urge of checking email can cost you hours. There should be fixed time set for a day about when to check your email. Also cheap football jerseys keep a deadline for checking emails, for example, when you open your inbox don’t spend more than 15 minutes on checking emails. Set the timing for twice daily. It will save a big chunk of your time.

2. Facebook Scroll Down, Like & Commenting

Over 1.44 billion of the world’s population is now on facebook. Facebook has reached the mark of 1 billion active users and it is increasing every day. According to a survey, people spend more than 20 minutes on facebook daily.


The average time spent by an American cheap nfl jerseys on facebook is more than 40 minutes a day. Teenagers and young facebook users are more inclined towards oakley sunglasses for men spending hours daily on facebook. Most of their activities involve, scrolling down, liking and commenting. Here is the article published on Businessinsider on How much an average person spends time on Facebook.

3. WhatsApp Instant Messaging

WhatsApp was founded in 2009, within 6 years, it has acquired more than 900 million users. The instant messaging previously was limited to the will of network providers, when people used to recharge with specific amount and in return get a package of 500 or 1000 sms.


WhatsApp in turn provided better platform of internet and you can send as many messages and media messages as you want. Hundreds of millions of messages are being sent on Whatsapp daily.

WhatsApp can seriously affect your awareness of time and you won’t be able to catch up other tasks once you start using it. According to the statistics, people spend more than 3 hours on WhatsApp. Considering huge 900 million user base, it counts hours daily for an active person..

4. Online Game Addiction

While social media experiencing boom, online gaming industry too started evolving in our lives. You must have played one of those addictive games such as Candy Crush, Clash of Clans or Hay Day.

Once you start playing game and you won’t be aware of the time. These games lure the person to play more and more. People even spend ‘hundreds of dollars’ on such games just to gain faster progress.

Limit cheap nfl jerseys the usage of playing these games or even better delete them permanently as they are not going to contribute to your personal growth.

5. Following Instagram Fame

The passion to gain fame on Instagram is increasing day by day. Activities of taking selfies and posting on instagram has risen. Instagram is receiving new users daily. There are some who even lost their lives while taking selfies for getting lot of following. Unless you are celebrity or something like that, instagram is a total waste of time.


Instead of using it during weekdays, make a strong commitment to yourself to only use it during weekend & that too for a limited span of time.

6. Browsing Internet Without Any Motive

Browsing random sites on internet with no motive at all is addictive thing. According to DailyMail UK, an average person spends 8 hours 41 minutes on the media devices. And most of that time is spent on browsing internet. The excessive usage of internet is resulting into sleep deprivation. You can read the detailed report published by Dailymail here.


Think for a minute, if you are spending such time on internet and smartphones, then how much of life you are losing. Just switch off fake oakleys your phone or take it on silent mode and look around you. There are far better things to do and achieve in your life. You can read book instead or join gym, cultivate your hobby or do anything that will add value to your life.

If you cut down the time spent on these 6 things, you can easily manage to have extra 15 to 20 hours extra complete the assignments that you were given, join salsa classes that you always wanted, get more time to spend on yourself and your hobbies.

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