Most of us are stuck with the laptop/smartphone screen surfing on Cheap Jordans Facebook most of the time. Liking, sharing, commenting and scrolling down, are the majorly used functions on Facebook. If you usually access your Facebook account from your laptop, then there are some shortcut keys for performing these basic operations. You can try these Facebook shortcut keys for a change, these are easy to be remembered and fun to use.

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Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook Shortcut Keys cheap jordans online for Different Functions

You might be knowing these keys before, however, you will learn few more of these shortcuts.

<td oakley sunglasses cheap width=”319″>L

Action Facebook Shortcut Keys
Scroll between news feeds ·         J for scroll down

·         K for scroll up

Posting Status P
Like or Unlike the Story
Comment Selected Story C
Share Selected Cheap nba Jerseys Story S
Open Attachment oakley sunglasses sale of the selected Story O
See More of Selected Story Enter
Search on Facebook /
Search chat contacts Q
Show this help dialog ?


There are few more extra shortcut keys that can perform various operations like, timeline, help, home etc.

<td collasso width=”319″>Action
Facebook Shortcut Key (Ctrl+Alt+number)
Help 0
Home 1
Timeline 2
Friends 3
Inbox 4
Notifications 5
Settings 6
Activity Log 7
About 8
Terms 9
New Message m


You need to press ‘Ctrl+Alt+number’ in order to perform the particular action on Facebook. Remembering all these keys in the second table is not at all possible, especially when these actions can be performed with just a single click. It is much better to go with our tradition click and access way, than remembering all these shortcut keys. However, instead of using mouse or touchpad of your laptop, you can have fun with these keys.


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