WhatsApp is soon going to roll in update for changing fonts. They have already rolled in some extra features like, group invite links & mention features which are currently in beta phase. The group invite link feature will let user to send invitation to someone to join group and mention feature is similar to Facebook tag option. With mention feature, you’ll be able to tag person in your message. The tagged person will be notified about that.

Different WhatsApp font tricks

The font customization feature is yet to be released through Baratas Replicas Ray Ban update. However, you can do little tweaks and nfl jerseys cheap enjoy the customized fonts through the current version of WhatsApp.

How to Customize WhatsApp Font

With these tricks you can change the appearance of font, make it bold, italics or put a strike through it.

Changing Appearance of WhatsApp Font

With this trick you will be able to change the font of entire sentence. All you have to need is put this symbol (`) 3 times in front of your sentence and cheap jordans online three times after your sentence ends. Note that this is not a single quote symbol. Just cheap nfl jerseys look for grave accent symbol and use it.

Here is how you are going to type it.

“` This is your Sentence “`

Changing font in WhatsApp

Enter the sentence and your font will be changed.

How to make WhatsApp font Bold?

Just like the previous trick, this will bold the particular word as well as the whole sentence at a time. Put asterisk (*) once before the word or sentence and once after word or sentence.

Here is how it will look after typing.

*This is your sentence*


Bold font in WhatsApp

How to Make WhatsApp font Italic?

To make your sentence or word italic put the underscore sigh (_) before and after the sentence or the word.

Here is how it will look after typing.

_This is your sentence_


Italic Font in WhatsApp

How to add 11 strike sign in WhatsApp?

To put a strike sign use (~) sign before and after the sentence. This will put a strike on the section between the sign.

Here is how it’ll look

~This is your sentence~

Strike Font in WhatsApp

Try these tricks and enjoy it. Let us know if you liked this article. Would you like this new feature by Cheap Jordan Shoes WhatsApp? Let us know through your comments.